Origin Story

How I discovered my superpower.

I distinctly remember the very first process I designed.

I was thirteen, and my older brothers had both moved out, leaving my mom and me in a five bedroom, two bath house.

Since my mother was working, it fell to me to clean the house, and as someone who already found cleaning to be supremely comforting and satisfying, I was absolutely stoked to be in charge of this whole house, to clean it on my time, in my way (I may have been a little drunk with power).

What I discovered through just a couple of whole house cleanings was my superpower to detect inefficiencies and create an intuitive process to accomplish a goal in a way that made the most sense and took the least amount of effort.

Of course I would dust before I vacuumed (dust drifted down before the Swiffer Duster), just like I would obviously sweep tile floors before scrubbing down appliances (soggy floor debris makes me cringe, and that’s why brooms get gross).

I vacuumed down the second floor stairs because it was easier to work with gravity, the first floor vacuuming ended at the closet in which the vacuum lived, and the final swipe of the mop was at the head of the basement stairs, where I took the mop water to dump in the utility sink.

I tranced out into my cleaning flow, and suddenly realized I’d made the house spotless in only two hours. What used to take half the family half the day to finish, I’d accomplished in record time by myself, and I knew to my bones that I hadn’t missed a thing.

From those foundations, I went on to easily introduce less regular events like oven cleaning or three loads of laundry, feeling imminently capable and knowing they were taking minimal extra time.

So much rejoicing! No one would quite geek out with me sufficiently at the time, so who knows where other 13-year-olds were finding their joy.

Since then, my superpower has been both a serious boon to the companies I’ve worked with and my most tangible source of professional and personal satisfaction.

No matter what role I’ve undertaken, I have spent my career committed to developing my superpower and finding easier, smarter, more joyful ways of working.

I want business owners to stay focused on doing what they love and enjoying their biggest dreams for their businesses.

Because if YOU are happy and successful doing what you love, you encourage others to do the same, and isn’t that a world in which we all want to live?

For over 20 years, I have used my unique skillset to create sustainable and intuitive processes and structures to help businesses run more smoothly and profitably.

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